The Baby Cubby’s YouTube Channel Educates Parents with Hundreds of Videos

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 at 8:01pm UTC

Baby Boutique is an Authority on Baby Gear with Over 500 videos

(PRUnderground) September 27th, 2022

The Baby Cubby sells hundreds of car seats and strollers a year, but in addition to supplying parents with all the gear they need to raise a baby, they’re striving to teach parents everything they need to know to use that gear properly and safely. To that end, The Baby Cubby has curated a vast library of videos on their YouTube channel.

With almost 25K subscribers, The Baby Cubby uses their YouTube channel to both educate and inspire parents and caregivers. As parents themselves, owners Cameron and Jacquelyn Muir know that figuring out all there is to know about various car seats, strollers, high chairs, and cribs can be overwhelming. That’s why the channel specializes in giving viewers all the information they need about various baby gear items.

The videos offer reviews, unboxings, introductions to exciting new brands, and helpful side-by-side comparisons of the gear sold online and in store. As many parents struggle to install car seats correctly, the channel also has videos detailing how to install every type of car seat sold by The Baby Cubby in order to keep babies safe and save parents from the headache and frustration of installing a new car seat.

Ari Councill, The Baby Cubby videographer said, “Our goal with The Baby Cubby YouTube channel is to provide a visual resource bank for baby gear items. We want to help parents! There are hundreds of options when it comes to strollers and car seats. Our videos are designed to help parents find the best gear for their family and learn how to use them. The YouTube channel is also a place for parents to ask questions and get expert advice about the gear they are considering!”

The channel’s Fighting for Families series highlights the unique challenges and growth experienced by families in our community and shares their stories in the hopes that viewers across the world can find inspiration and encouragement in their own journeys with parenthood.

With so many educational and inspirational videos, The Baby Cubby is living up to its ambition to strengthen families and make parenting a less overwhelming–and more joyful–journey.

About The Baby Cubby

The Baby Cubby is a Utah-based baby boutique that specializes in selling a wide range of high-quality products in store and online ( We pride ourselves on providing the very best products, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and a unique shopping experience to help each guest feel seen and supported during their parenting journey.

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